Go x Go 京都2023

Number of approved
55 / 56
申し込み数: 60
General info
  • Registration period
    2023年01月15日 12:00 - 2023年01月27日 22:00
  • Information
    Thank you for your patience. The WCA competition will be held in Kyoto, the first in the Kansai region in about three years.
    In recent years, WCA competition has received far more applications than it can accommodate, and it is frequently the case that there are not enough applicants to accommodate all of them.
    To alleviate this situation, we aim to increase the total number of participants by holding series competitions in different regions at the same time.
    Please register for one of Go x Go Kyoto 2023 or Tokyo Challenge A/B/C Winter 2023, whichever is most convenient for you.
    The number of persons in the venue is controlled as COVID-19 countermeasure.
    If you are not a competitor or their guest and that you want to observe the competition, application is required in advance.
    As a general rule, competitors may bring at most one guest who is a family member or a caregiver of him/her. Please enter the number of guest when you apply for participation in the competition.
    Spectators must apply using the form to the organization team before 5th February.
  • Qualification
    No Qualification required for entry.
    See "Event" Tab for Time Limit for each events.
  • WCA Delegate
  • Organiser
    Feel free ask us if you have any question.
    Please also check our Frequently Asked Questions.